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Appeal for Donations: Nofal Hamdan Musa: 300 JDs Stolen from Syrian in Jordan

March 19, 2016


The majority of Syrians (4 out of 5) within the geographical confines of Jordan reside outside the squalid and horrid Jordanian Agroville camps. At Zaatari camp for example, continuous protests have persisted since the hamlet was created which have resulted in deaths, arrests, and deportations of the Syrian victims inside. UNHCR rep for Jordan , Andrew Harper, himself stated in regards to Zaatari paraphrase, “I wouldn’t live there.” Syrians daily risk and exchange almost any valuable possession to escape the teeming cramped quarters with no electricity and basic services. They  suffer in anguish from exploitation until they finally find a path from this barbed wire entrapment, into ascertaining that natural human right of freedom and to step closer, to feeling the palpable privileges that an elusive repatriation affords. The following is one tragic story.



Nofal Musa Hamdan (pictured above) is a widow from Daraa, Syria. Her husband was killed during the conflict and she has one child among three, that is now employed to care for the entire family.

Syrian Child Labor in Jordan

She is an innocent victim of war callously brought to her home nation and precious family, and, insult to injury, has also been horribly victimized by theft in Jordan where she sought refuge. Nofal’s pristine innocence was taken advantage of, knifed in the fragile heart, when she naively paid 300 JDs ,entrusting a man who promised her a sponsorship to depart Zaatari Camp. It was a huge amount of money for this humble widow with her beloved children under her nurturing care. This sleazy man absconded with her money and let silence be her only savior and hero in a strange Holy land. Thankfully, she eventually did make it out of Zaatari Camp, but that preceding incident no doubt has indeed deeply affected her detrimentally in regards to her pure trust, delicate innocence, and this crime has permanently tilted her own dear humanity.

We would like to collect this 300 JDs to straighten out this Pisa tower.  We concede others are suffering more. However, we strongly view such minor effort as an at of uniformly recognizing her invaluable humanity and returning her priceless dignity. To send a group philanthropic message that we considerate humans reward the helpless victims which dishonorable and disgusting people target. We ask for your aid to succeed in this small act of grace, not only for her and her children, but for us to be part of something positive and to uplift our faith in this sometimes gloomy and unfair world.

We want her to thank those donors for this appeal, personally in a video message from her to the donors, after collecting enough. We have had one generous donor, Abdul Hamid Faruki  , who has donated 50 JDs. I will donate 50 JDs as well. We are humbly asking for others to trust in our good intentions and help our efforts in the name of humanity and God, with the remaining 200 JDs. You may send such donations by Western Union.

Thank you and God bless.

(*Nofal’s story is at 4:50 in the below music video*).



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